Dani Selyebi

artist profile

Dániel Selyebi is 28 years old and has been working with graphics and illustration for 6 years. As a child, he spent a lot of time drawing, but he later forgot about it and finally decided after graduation to enroll in a 2-year graphics course. During this time, he got to know a lot of technical basics, but he was able to really relate to illustration and graphics. After completing the training, he spent a lot of time experimenting, mostly working with ink and felt-tip pens to this day. He created in seclusion for three years and then started to paint for commissions. In addition to this, he also undertakes various graphic works, especially book and verse illustrations close to his heart. His creations are mostly inspired by the ecosystem. Two main trends have emerged, a more stylized, sketchier line where the goal is to create balance by including graphic elements that, in addition to dynamism, retain the main character traits of an element. The other trend is much more saturated, which stems from his love for natural textures. It is occupied by the self-renewing ecosystem that is constantly in motion.

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