Who are we? About Us



How is this different from other e-commerce ideas??

AP Global is micro niche.
We only work privately with artists,
models, influencers, & those looking to expand
their ability to monetize & live full-time as an artist.

We have the only platform designed
exclusively for the artist to make a great
living doing what they love; making art.
We remove the distractions.
We help manage their brands & business.
We are here to aid in their success,
not another platform that expects
them to work more, or do more.
We remove those things to allow
the artists to be what they truly are, artists.

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Happy Clients
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Who are we? Our Team

ANDE – Founder & creative director

AP Global is fulfilling her lives purpose of giving artists the opportunity to fully thrive as artists. In 3D and 4D business models w/ our global pop-up exhibitions.


Being an artist and painter her entire life. Raylin’s goal is to help you transition onto the platform and become a thriving member of our artist community.

Albina Peposhi – Full Stack Developer  & Coder

Albina is an experienced back end developer with over 4 years experience, coding since a very young age she is driven and runs a community for Girls in Tech 


Owning his own digital agency, Christiaan provides endless value for AP Global to help you grow your business & succeed in sales.

Jen Clouse – Operations Manager

Jen has a long history of optimizing & managing business systems, controlling over 30+ bank accounts and working as a Controller at REDT Homes, she brings a wealth of experience to AP Global.

CASSIE LEBLANC – Business Development

Cassie has spent many professional hours refining & building strong internal business structures. With her guidance Artists will feel secure on the platform.

Konstantina I. – Content/Social Media Manager

Konstantina helps in many areas of AP Global, from photo specialist to content management. We are honored to have her from Heraklion, Greece.

Francesca Costa – Project Manager & Front-end Designer/Developer

Bringing AP Global’s platform to life with creative coding and artistic flow. She does project management & many other things.

Samantha Scott- PT Front-end developer

With over 6 years experience in development & coding, Samantha is aiding with the aesthetic evolution of AP Global

Grace Carmena – Artist Recruiter (Americas)

Residing in Louisiana, Grace brings a personal and professional touch to helping our outreach for Artist invites.

William hall – Artist recruiter (Americas & Global)

Will is highly skilled in communication and is a great addition to our team helping us have a global outreach for Artists & Creators.

Twinks Estrada – Artist Manager (Asia Pacific)

With a sales background, friendly and warm personality. We look forward to her ability to connect with Artists and Creators for the platform.

wingrid Goncalves- Academic Outreach & Organization (Globally)

Based in Pernambuco, Brazil. Win has web agency & recruitment experience to help us expand AP Global internationally. She will be heading our Academic Program for AP Global artists.

Bruna Costa – Artist Recruiter

Bruna resides in Brazil and is helping us expand the AP Global platform by inviting and helping with Artist outreach and growth.

Edd Kenneth – Artist Contact (Phillipines)

Edd helps us grow the platform by reaching out to artists and creators to assist them in their business building and opportunities for growth,

Our International team of Artist Contacts 

We have a growing group of great people who make up our Artist Recruiters, Curators and Contacts. 10 people and more. These people help us expand & grow and also help assist all the Artists with being successful. 

Kae Flores – Artist Manager (United Kingdom/EU)

Kae has a history as a recruiter for the London Stock Exchange. With a successful track record, she is here to help the platform succeed and grow internationally.

Danica Peralta – Artist Recruiter (Phillipines & Asias)

Based in the Phillipines, Danica is very kind and driven in her work in helping artists, creators, models and more find a home on AP Global.

Levii (Liberty) – Artist Manager (Global)

Levi is very professional and driven in helping Artists thrive and grow in their fields of creation. She is here to help you grow & succeed.

Alexander Gord – Data Entry Specialist

Alex helps us manage and maintain our ever growing platform and maintains the accuracy of organization and management of our paperwork. 



Kayla Flores – Artist Recruiter 

Kayla has a BS in Psychology, is very adaptable and enjoys new opportunities. We are so happy to have her apart of the team!

Marianne Peralta – Artist Recruiter 

Marianne has majored in Financial Management and is skilled in communication and business. She will be assisting us in growing internationally.

Elaiza Paras – Artist Recruiter 

Elaiza has a great track record of education in early childhood education and is expanding her communication skills globally by helping Artists and Creators on AP Global.

Franilyn Buquis -Content/ E-commerce Development

Franilyn has a BS with a major in Marketing Management, she is helping us build up our e-commerce sections and develop the best platform for Artists & Creators.

NFT Developer & Blockchain expert

We have a number of people who work on our NFT’s, but they are all NFT creators & blockchain specialists.

Nathaly Oliveira  – Artist Contact

Nathaly is here to help Artists become a thriving community member and successful creator on our platform by aiding us in outreach.

Rafaella Guerra da Silva  – Data Entry Specialist

With a background as a Financial Analyst, Rafaella is helping with our data collection, management & information organization within the company.

Stephen Sanchez  – Artist Recruiter (China & Southeast Asia)

With a Masters in Science Education, experience in Arts & Culture and a licensed professional teacher, Stephen is here to expand our outreach globally.

Nicole Robin Rauto – Artist Recruiter

With experience in Accounting & Business, Nicole will make sure Artists are safely and efficiently taken care of on the platform.


Richard Sayson – Content Developer & E-commerce

With experience in WordPress, SEO, Graphic Design and a BS, growing our expanding e-commerce for Artists is his primary role.

Mikayla Peralta – Artist Recruiter

Being a sweet and sincere person, Mika is dedicated to making sure our Artists have the best experience on our platform with outreach.

Petros Dhespollari – Backend/Wordpress & Content Development

Based in Greece, Petros is a software engineer, studying computer engineering & programming languages to help improve our platform for it’s users.

Sarah Malang – Artist Recruiter

Sarah Mae is helping our platform grow with artists and creators to expand our community globally.

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