What is this company, and how is it useful?

AP Global has been a concept birthed for the demand that is needed in the Art world primarily. Though many can be successful with our platform, our company is designed to provide business support, digital e-commerce support, & aid influential artists in their monetization and growth. We are a multi-media tech platform that provides 28 revenue streams for Artists to monetize from.

How is this different from Twenty20, Society6, or other e-commerce ideas??

AP Global is micro-niche. We only work privately with artists, models, influencers, & those looking to expand their ability to monetize & live full-time as an artist. We are by the people, for the people. And have the only platform designed exclusively for the artist to make a great living doing what they love; making art. We remove the distractions. We help manage their brands & business. We are here to aid in their success, not another platform that expects them to work more, or do more. We remove those things to allow the artists to be what they truly are, artists.

I am an Artist, how do I join your company and help myself become a full-time artist?

Our membership tiers are here: https://ap-global.net/signup/ Our NFT Marketplace is free to join always, here: https://nft.ap-global.net/

And if you receive an invite from us, we are free to use currently. This will change in the future, but our basic membership tier will always be low & affordable for all.

What is the Viewing Room?

Our Viewing Room is an area on our platform that Artists and Creators can film or live stream performances, paintings, composing, events and collaborations. You just set the event up with your Artist Manager and we take care of ticket sales, help with promoting as well as you keep 100% of all profit made from your art sale.

What is the donation button on all profiles?

This is our inner platform Patreon style support for our Artists. We have designed the platform in such a way that Artist profiles include everything. You can donate a small, large, one-time or reoccurring monthly amount to any Artist you like.

What about collectors?

If you are an Art Collector or Art Investor, this is where you’ll want to sign up and get involved!

When & Where are your company exhibitions?

Company events and exhibitions will begin in Miami, FL and various cities across the United States. We will have our pop-up global events starting in 2023.

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