Are you an Artist? Or just want to collect Art and support Artists? Please check out our memberships!
AP Global has the only platform designed exclusively for the artist to make a great living doing what they love; making art. We remove the distractions. We help manage their brands & business. We are here to aid in their success, not another platform that expects them to work more, or do more. We are a service-based platform.





Too good to be true? No, at this stage AP GLOBAL is offering all of this to artists for free! We will eventually be charging a small operational fee for hosting and costs down the line but you will be notified, take oppourtunity of this now!


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First 30 days are FREE, then plan switches to $6.99 for basic use
Up to 50 Art pieces in your shop
Full profile & shop developed
Access to over 9 revenue stream options
Customized Artist link for you to use on your social medias
All services provided by AP Global.


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Basic plan included
Entire access to ALL Artist sections(can sell in everything, all 10 sections for income streams)
Full profile and shop set up with option to sell over 200 items or as much as you want!
Entry into our pop-up exhibitions.
Promoted to the public by AP Global.
Portfolio development for all Artists and shop integration.
10 streams of income within the Artists drop down
NFT shop development + NFT creation for artwork of your choice
Up to 5 high-scale 3D design NFT’s created from your work for your NFT shop
(please see higher tier memberships for more options)


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Basic and Standard included
Full access to the entire platform.
Ad creation, shout outs on our Social Media, ability to sell in ALL sections of AP Global.
28 streams of income option for Artists who are multi-talented and use many mediums.
ALL Services provided by AP Global, Portfolio development discounts, shop integration.
Unlimited NFT creations within your shop as well as option for high-scale 3D design developments.


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