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My name is Alla. I am local artist living on Gold Coast, Australia. In my early childhood I used to be very creative and I would draw, paint and create things with my hands with every opportunity. Also, I was lucky to meet very talented teachers on my life journey. That’s how my childhood dream of becoming an artist came true. I can work with many art techniques but my favorite is Watercolor. Water base technique is not static; movement and fluidity are the hallmark of this art form, playing with the colors and water generate delight and excitement. Sometimes unpredictable result of effects surprise me and admirers of my art. Topics of my paintings and drawings are beauty of moments that I have happened to observe in daily live and perform it on paper or canvas. There are the moments that make me feel a little deeper, make me more loving and kinder. Also it could be my fantasy or dreams. The best reward for me is when people who are looking at my artwork experience the same inspirational emotions I did at that unforgettable moment. Thank you to everyone who shares these feelings and joy of live with me. is the kind of techniques where I can express myself as an artist the most. The joy of creative work, perhaps, is one of the true sources of my happiness. I have participated in art exhibitions and competitions regularly and won a few prices and awards. Positive feedback and good comments about my artwork always make me confident and motivate me to further develop my art skills and professionalism.

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