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I needed something to overcome. So I went on a trip on a whim. In fact, I went on a trip simply to see the stars. There I accidentally found a light, and I felt it was a star. This is definitely a star. It's the star in the tent. The stars in the tent give me warmth. The stars weren't just in the sky. The stars are the lights of the tent. The star wasn't just in the sky. The stars are also in my heart. Stars in the tent. Have you ever seen the stars when you go out camping? So I'm still a star. I'm working on a tent. To me, a tent means leisure and a nomadic life. Like endless space, modern people who go on vacation to a place with clean air and clean water with a tent are ready to go even to the ends of the earth. Whenever I draw a tent, I try to add various geometric elements. Above all, the three-dimensional effect is enriched by using the collage technique. I feel awe when I am in nature. In particular, I felt it all when I had a camping experience. The sounds of crickets, cicadas, grass bugs, wind, people's laughter, children's running sounds, and the sound of water are all made through camping. In particular, when I enter the tent, I feel separated from this world, and when I go out, it seems to represent a kind of dual life of me that returns to being a member of society. Tent, night sky, Korean sky, Finnish sky, French sky, dawn sky, coffee cup (steel cup), firewood, wooden skewer marshmallow, meat, laptop, movie, friend, family, warm blanket, astronomical telescope, camera, bicycle, etc. When my camping works become nature, they can be abstract paintings, and when they become objects, they can become real paintings. Based on all of them, I connected them to art products, and the name of this brand is "my honey". The name of this brand is the name of the author and also a nickname for a loved one. The objects attached to the work create a changing camping landscape with paper, scissors, glue guns, and decoration materials. The work that adds three-dimensional expression once more by using an object on a flat, rough painting creates a sense of depth of completeness. This technique is called "collage". I am happiest when I am working on art, and I feel a sense of self-actualization. I draw with the inspiration I received while camping and put the thought process in my notebook. This process is the basis for my painting work. In a life where nature and humans coexist, I see the history of creation. Artist in November 2022.

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