Carmen Triol

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I am Carmen Triol, born in Valencia, Spain, in 1974, but a resident of Mallorca, Balearic Islands, the place of my ancestors and the origin of my surname and signature. I always liked to draw and paint, but I threw myself fully into the middle of the pandemic, as a therapy, to channel and transform energy, after going through very difficult times in my life. Art is my way of life, my passion and I cannot conceive of life without it. With my works, I intend to bring to the world some light, color, emotion, and love, undoubtedly indispensable to living and being happy. Most of my works are acrylic on canvas, I use fluorine and neon acrylics, which react to LED and ultraviolet lights, creating vivid works, spectacular in colors, and creating different paintings in oneself. I decided to focus all my work on this style of work in search of my own style and it has turned out to be very successful and very popular. I do not seek to imitate or compete with anyone, I just compete with myself to be better every day, my best version, as an artist and as a person. In just one year I have participated in more than 15 exhibitions and art fairs, both national and international, highlighting Stockholm, Miami, Switzerland, NY, Barcelona, and Madrid, among others, and I have won in 2022 the Certificate of Artistic Merit of the Pinacothèque of Luxembourg in the 8th edition of the Luxembourg Art Prize. I hope you enjoy collecting all my work.

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