Dmitry Eremeev 2

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My name is Dmitry Eremeev. I am a photographer from Kazakhstan, from the city of Almaty. I have been interested in photography since I was a teenager. My father and I loved to walk in the mountains and around the city, to shoot everything that seemed interesting to us! Back then, I liked to shoot on 35mm black and white film, and then in the darkroom to watch how the images developed on it. Those were really good times! And then I decided to dedicate my life to photography. I specialize in macro photography of flowers, insects, etc... I also like to shoot landscapes, animals, birds, nature, and everything else connected with it. I love artistic photography, create or make something simple and beautiful that will please your eyes! This is how I see the world through the lens... Photography for me is creativity, the art of frozen time... the ability to keep emotions and feelings inside the frame.

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