Geoffrey dlh

artist profile

As a French photographer living in the Philippines, Geoffrey Delahaye has become known for his breathtaking aerial shots of islands and landscapes. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing the natural beauty of the world from above, he has quickly become one of the leading photographers in his field. After a graphic designer career in France, Geoffrey Delahaye moved to the Philippines to pursue his passion for photography. He quickly discovered his fascination with aerial photography is this country, which allowed him to capture a whole new perspective on the stunning natural beauty of the Philippine archipelago. Equipped with cameras / drones and a deep understanding of the art of composition, Geoffrey Delahaye captures breathtaking images of islands, mountains, beaches, sunsets, and other natural landscapes. His photos showcase the vibrant colors, unique textures, and stunning patterns that can only be seen from above. In addition to his artistic work, Geoffrey Delahaye has also collaborated with various commercial clients, including real estate developers, tourism boards, and environmental organizations. His images have been used in campaigns to promote sustainable tourism, highlight the beauty of the Philippines, and raise awareness about the need to protect the natural environment. Through his photography, Geoffrey Delahaye aims to inspire others to explore the world around them and to appreciate the beauty and diversity of our planet. His work serves as a testament to the incredible power of photography to capture the magic of the world in all its glory.

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