Ivan Cagnani

artist profile

I am an Italian physicist with a strong passion for artistic photography since childhood. Under the guidance of an expert photographer I initially used glass and polycarbonate filters with a Fuji film camera to get the effects I wanted in my photos. As a teen, I started using digital manipulation with a desktop PC, a technique I improved with the first digital cameras. The following advent of smartphones allowed me new degrees of art freedom, as I learned new techniques. Five years ago I started my Instagram channel and collaborated with an emergent Norwegian artist organizing several exhibitions in Rome. I now print limited and unique editions in plexiglas fixed on aluminum and make them available through non-exclusive representation contracts with online galleries. My "Planets" collection is a photographic analysis of the human mind, its fundamental thoughts, and emotions, through the shapes of nature and the language of abstract art. It's a space journey in the inner cosmos we daily explore in our lives. My "Meditations" collection is instead my naive homage to the tradition of Western modern art.

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