Michael Tytgat

artist profile

Michael Tytgat is based in Brussels and is a self-taught, passionate photographer with a focus on street and black-and-white photography. His work is defined by contrast, light, negative space, and clear aesthetic lines. The minimalistic presence of the subject intensifies its solitude and insignificance within the setting. Roaming the streets and nature, observing scenes to be unfold nurtures a true source of energy that provokes ideas and inspires him to create new images. The Fare Islands provide for iconic landscapes and epic hiking opportunities, a true delight for every photographer. With this series, I wanted to showcase duality embedded in life; power versus fragility, brutality versus compassion, and motion versus stagnation. Composition, contrast, and long exposure were the tools to transmit this message. Locations were difficult to reach with long trails that lead to majestic 'middle-earth' sceneries. The biggest challenge was to produce sharp pictures with slow shutter speed in very windy and difficult conditions. All preparation and time invested resulted in some images that embody my personal memories and impressions of the island.

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