Michelino Lorizzo

artist profile

Michelino Iorizzo was born in Rome, in 1971. He graduated from the V Artistic High School of Rome in 1989. In 1993 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Apart from his career as an artist, he has dedicated years to private teaching. He has taught classes outside of Italy, in institutions such as the Hubei University (China). In 2010, Iorizzo has won the “Techniques and Technology of Drawing” contest, organized by the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome. Art critics of international relevance, such as Claudio Strinati, Andrea Romoli Barberini, Berenice, Alessandra Bardeschi, Dacia Maraini, Maria Laura Perilli, Stefania Severi, Sandro Trotti, have written critical reviews about Iorizzo and his artworks.

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