Nadeesan Prabou

artist profile

Inspiration for my works, comes from the moments of “everyday life” in India. It’s really beautiful when you walk down the streets you can see the roadside shops filling up the sides with hanging political flags, dogs and cows sharing the streets with the people and temple festivals. I usually capture the light that pass through the streets and people on them, whether its summer or heavy rain monsoon. For an artist it’s a fantastic feast for eyes. Rain is the most essential phenomenon for life to exist on earth. Mostly my painting shows the scene on a rainy day depicting the “sound and beauty of rain”. The magic of Rain makes the path of streets shine like a mirror and provides perfect ambience for my creativeness. My brush captures the ambience of dark skies, rain soaked shiny streets, people with umbrellas, roofs of cars, dancing trees and murmuring sound of rain in a dramatic and abstract style. I try to portray the happiest features and the deepest challenges in my paintings, all that’s explored and still learning...

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