Sara Stoffmacher

artist profile

Sara Stoffmacher, started her artistic career in abstract realism when she picked up her first paintbrush at two years old; Influenced by her grandma, a painter herself, the artist formed Artistry by Sara Stoffmacher in 2022. Sara is a Senior at the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in Public Health and Psychology, which prompted a deep passion for the human mind and focus on self-expression through the exploration of mix-media, creating multi-dimensional pieces. She has won several awards, which include Aritistonish Magazine May 2022 Finalist and Grey Cube Gallery’s Colors 2022 Finalist, and is featured in Gallery 2727, located in Berkeley, CA, and Laguna Art Gallery in their online exhibit. She has designed two collections for CINC COLLECTIVE, a sustainable fashion brand, and facilitates the development and project management of other artists’ websites and business platforms.

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