Shilpa Majumdar

artist profile

I am a professional, primarily self-taught artist specializing in oil and watercolor paintings. I offer oil/watercolor original fine art, Handmade Portraits, landscape & Cityscape flower tree paintings, Figurative, Vintage house, artwork professional. I create contemporary Figurative artwork and beautiful old vintage house, art decor. I paint it all 100% original art on canvas. I was born with a passion to create. My gift for making art is handed down from my mother a talented person. I never went to any of art college to learn how to create artwork. I learned it myself by practicing and lot of practicing. And as an artist i believe their is always room for betterment. I believe my art are the inspiration of the moment i get from everywhere and they are the emotions, feelings which exist within me. I want people to feel the presence of the person in the painting, and feel its movement. I want people to see how my soul feel the freedom to paint another soul. My every new series showing something different from my previous work. So, i am an artist who is not afraid of change. "My work claims nothing but the feelings and emotions that are inside of me".

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