Tze Toh

artist profile

An award-winning composer-pianist and a mixed media artist, Tze Toh has an honours degree in computer science, and was an illustrator and manga artist before he chose to pursue his love for music full time. He composes for film, animation, documentaries, contemporary dance, commercials and video games, and specializes in helping brands tell their stories. His clients include Cartier, Club Med, Discovery Channel, Rosewood, Patek Philippe,Toyota, Nendo, Singapore Changi Airport, Gardens by the Bay and National Gallery Singapore among others. He founded Singapore's leading contemporary fusion ensemble TO ensemble in 2011 and his original music is a fusion of jazz, film score, classical music, Indian music and Asian sounds. He is also a creative director, an improviser and an artist who embraces diversity often collaborating across disciplines and artforms, working with painters, dancers, motion graphics artists, fashion designers, poets, scientists and chefs etc, to create immersive multi-disciplinary, multi-sensory experiences and concerts. His visual works and music both draw from this diverse array of influences, and often his ideas in music extend to the visual world and vice versa - he believes that the visual world translates directly to the sonic one, ie. they are both different forms of the same thing. His works (both visual and sonic) explore the relationship between Man, nature and technology, and often focus on intuitive creation, and celebrating the beauty of impermanence of life.

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