Artist Sign Up


  • 30 day FREE trial then basic use
  • Up to 50 art pieces in your shop including originals
  • Full profile & shop developed
  • Access to over 9 revenue stream options
  • Customized Artist link for you to use on your social medias
  • All services provided by AP Global.


  • Basic plan included
  • Entire access to ALL Artist sections (can sell in everything, all 10 sections for income streams)
  • Full profile and shop set up with option to sell over 200 items or as much as you want!
  • Entry into our pop-up exhibitions.
  • Promoted to the public by AP Global.
  • Portfolio development for all Artists and shop integration.
  • 10 streams of income options within the Artists drop down
  • NFT shop development + NFT creation for artwork of your choice
  • Up to 5 high-scale 3D design NFT’s created from your work for your NFT shop
    (please see higher tier memberships for more options)


  • Basic and Standard included
  • Full access to the entire platform.
  • Ad creation, shout outs on our Social Media, ability to sell in ALL sections of AP Global.
  • 28 streams of income option for Artists who are multi-talented and use many mediums
  • ALL Services provided by AP Global, Portfolio development discounts, shop integration
  • Unlimited NFT creations with your shop as well as option for high-scale 3D design developments
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